RINA Group CSR. Responsibility is part of our business.

At RINA Group we believe that being socially responsible is an essential part of any business activity. Our family of companies contributes to the development of local communities, is committed to the protection of the environment and donates to a wide variety of causes.

Working together for a better tomorrow.

RINA Groups operates at an international level, but understands that each community is unique. Our companies offer stable employment opportunities in all its locations and successfully collaborate with local entrepreneurs. For example, DekelOil has developed a strong relationship with thousands of local farmers in Cote D'Ivoire providing training and development opportunities for the future. Negev Industrial has over 70 employees in Israel and provides employment chances for hundreds of others through subcontractors. The company also takes part in the community's educational process.

Romania's tourism is a developing industry, and we are proud to be a part of its continued success. RINA Tours and RINA Hotels cooperate with local businesses in all their operations, and promote the country's beautiful destinations both at a national and international level.

We also contribute to the improvement of public services. Star Ten works closely with governmental bodies to provide updated population databases and to develop the software needed for ensuring interconnectivity between various government institutions.

Safeguarding a healthy environment.

We don't only comply with the environment protection legislation, but we also do everything in our power to keep nature unaltered. After Nagev Industrial Minerals (NIM) finished its mining work at the Ramon Crater Quarry, it embarked on the complete restoration of the site, a project still in progress. And the company does the same for all its mining locations. NIM also provides products for treating wastewater and reducing the harmful industrial chimney emissions. Equally, DekelOil has constructed a PMOE treatment facility to reduce potential harmful impact on the environment.

RINA Tours and RINA Hotels use energy saving technologies and are involved in waste collection and recycling activities both in the hotels and in the surrounding areas. RINA Hotels in Sinaia and Poiana Brasov encourage tourists to save water, energy and gas though the “RINA Hotels Protect the Environment” project.

Giving back to society.

DekelOil comes together with the representatives of villages in Cote D'Ivoire and jointly decides on important social projects for the community. Then it helps make these projects come true with a 250,000 euro yearly donation. Negev Industrial Minerals supports philanthropic causes throughout Israel. The company makes regular donations to the Soroka hospital in Beer Sheva, and has contributed to the building of the Autoimmune Diseases Center at the Tel Hashomer Hospital, a leading institution in the autoimmune disease research and treatment field. Negev Industrial Minerals also assists families in need with food and gifts, and promotes cooperation between people of different cultures through its donations to the Israeli Round Table organization.

RINA Tours and RINA Hotels donate to orphanage houses in Sinaia and Breaza. Moreover, RINA Hotels became a sponsor of the Romanian Scouts Organization and organized summer camps for the orphan and under-privileged children. They also help HIV positive patients in the Giurgiu county, and contribute to the treatment of soldiers with posttraumatic syndrome. In addition, RINA Hotels is the main sponsor of the LEADERS Foundation, an organization committed to the development of responsible and capable leaders in the Romanian society.

Contributing to sustainable living conditions.

Through their products and services, our companies strive to contribute to the creation of a sustainable living environment. NIM's Burnt Lime and Limestone products are widely used in Israel to restore the natural balance altered by chemical waste. Limestone is efficient in replacing lost minerals in desalinated water, while Burnt Lime is used both in reducing the toxicity of industrial waste and in the production of construction materials for energy-saving buildings.
DekelOil is involved in the development of biogas, essential for the functioning of the green technologies, and a natural fertilizer compost.

If you would like to find out more about RINA Group's CSR projects and activities, please get in touch today.