RINA Green Energy. Renewable Power Solutions for the Planet.

RINA’s commitment to green energy in Romania is managed through Galrom which is currently in advanced planning stages of a 50 MGW wind farm in Dobrogea County, close to the Danube Delta. We have carried out a lot of in-depth research into this area and found it has a huge amount of wind energy potential making it perfect for wind farm development. In addition to our renewable power solutions in Romania we are affiliated with DekelOil in Cote d’Ivoire, a socially responsible company that uses highly efficient and sustainable methods to cultivate, harvest and extract palm oil (also used in biofuel blends). DekelOil's mill produces all of its required energy self sustainably using byproducts from the production process. In addition, DekelOil plans to develop its palm oil effluent treatment plant to produce green energy in the form of bio-gas.

Driving the Winds of Change

Building a wind farm requires a number of key stages and requirements to be met to ensure the project is economically viable. As part of our commitment to a greener future we ensure our policies and procedures are implemented in a socially responsible manner and that we can deliver on our projects to the highest possible standard and impact the environment as little as possible. At RINA we are passionate about the solutions we offer and the projects we drive forward.

Working Together for a Greener Future

Here at RINA we choose our partner companies very carefully to ensure we can work together to provide a greener future. Our vision is to make a difference both now and well into the future and we are constantly seeking new opportunities in the greentec and renewable energy fields. If you would like to find out more about the renewable energy initiatives and projects RINA is involved in, please get in touch today.