RINA Locations. Excellence without frontiers.

Our group of successful companies operates across continents. And our projects stretch from the Middle East and Africa to Southern, Central and Eastern Europe. Over the years, RINA Group has built strong businesses in countries including Israel, Spain, Athens, Romania and Cote d'Ivoire. We strive to keep our philosophy of efficiency and innovation everywhere we do business. And we are always trying to preserve the environment and the values of the local cultures.


RINA Group has an impressive real estate portfolio in Israel. Our business started here and we are proud of our achievements. ARA Engineering built extensively important residential neighbourhoods, commercial and retail buildings, roads and infrastructure, meeting the needs of a young developing country.

Rina Group is also represented in Israel by Negev Industrial, a leading quicklime producer and an important player in the industrial minerals field. Negev Industrial goes above and beyond to protect the environment. Our mining and processing activities respect all the quality standards and we make the necessary efforts to restore our sites and quarries.


The year 2014 was marked by Rina Group’s entry to the Spanish market. Founding Catarina Inversiones 2014 SL in Barcelona and at a later stage RGMP Properties Barcelona SL. Over the years the company has been involved in sourcing, acquisition and rehabilitation of over 100 apartments in Barcelona and Madrid and in the management of self-catering vacation homes in purchased properties.


Rina Group has entered the Greek in 2015 at a point of time when few investors were confident about Greece’s future. Through its affiliate ADA Akinita SA, approximately 60 apartments were acquired in central Athens and fully renovated, and the Olala Homes brand was launched in yet another destination. The state of the Greek economy seems to be somewhat improved in recent years thanks to its vibrant tourism sector among other reasons. Rina Group expects further investments and growth in the Greek market to take place over the next years with the aim to provide excellent services and greek hospitality to it’s guests visiting the properties managed by Olala Homes.


In the early 90's we saw a great investment potential in Romania, and decided to allocate significant funds and efforts to develop new businesses in this region. In collaboration with Sitraco, a leading company in Romania that developed some of the first modern office spaces and houses in central Bucharest, we have been involved in major real estate projects over the years. RINA Group also worked with GTC in the development of Europe House, one of the first AAA office building in the country and other various projects.

Romania's many touristic attractions and its untapped potential in this field, determined us to make considerable investments in the field. RINA Tours & Travel is today a major player in the tourism industry in Romania, a position gained through the commitment to bringing every step of the touristic experience to perfection. Complementary, RINA Hotels & Resorts manages some of the best hotels in the country, in the most beautiful locations.

Cote d’Ivoire

West Africa is striving for development with the help of foreign investment, and we are confident that we will have a successful long-term presence in the region. DekelOil has built a factory that produces crude palm oil, to be used in a variety of industries, while We remain focused on developing our activities in Cote d'Ivoire and taking part of its growth.

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