RINA Industrial Minerals. Rock solid operations.

Rina Group brings you over 60 years of expertise and experience in the mining and supply of raw materials from a number of high quality quarries and processing plants. Negev Industrial Minerals Ltd is active in a number of locations in Israel where it mines and processes various minerals to make them suitable for application across a wide range of industries.

Quality Products with an Eye on Conservation

Environmental conservation and quarry restoration is paramount to our operations and each of our installations operates in compliance with the latest regulations. Negev Industrial Minerals Ltd works in full compliance with quality management and environmental standards and is subject to rigorous monitoring and to the environmental legislation currently in-force in Israel. We have a commitment to supply products that meet the ever-changing needs of our clients. Thus, through efficient raw material management and by means of constantly investing in our business, staying abreast of the latest technologies, we can improve our companies' efficiency and expand our operations, client portfolio and product range.
We currently supply lime products, limestone products and silica sand products, each of which fits perfectly with the diverse and demanding requirements of our clients. Many clients use our materials across a wide range of industries including the chemical, glass, paint, water desalination, construction, steel and many more other industries. Amongst our clients are IEC power plants, water desalination plants and various advanced building materials producers.

Development with Restoration in Mind

At Rina Group, we recognise our responsibility to the environment. Whilst developing each of our sites we work together with the relevant authorities in each region to ensure the continued restoration of our mining sites and quarries.

Nurturing Resources and Monitoring Reserves

It is crucial for us to continually improve the services we provide and our operational standards. Through investing in human resources, focusing on environmental conservation and delivering products of the highest quality we know we can go from strength to strength. We ensure quality control is a priority and that the products we provide are of the highest standard possible. We also constantly monitor our mineral reserves and improve the efficiency of our raw material management to ensure we can continue to supply our clients for many years to come.
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