RINA Venture Capital Technology for a Better Future

Although not our main focus we project that Investments in new technologies will attract a growing portion of our resources and attention.
Up to date we have made early stage investments in young promising companies such as:

City Hive

City Hive is a digital enterprise solution for wine, beer and liquor retailers, suppliers, and distributors alike. By building, managing, and optimizing POS-integrated mobile e-Commerce apps and websites, City Hive enables retailers to benefit by being part of a network while building their own independent brand and gaining valuable customer data, while consumers benefit from the special offers targeted to their preferences and a higher level of service.


Payapps is a cloud collaboration platform managing the entire progress claim process. It bridges the gap between multiple organisations and stakeholders, by providing an easy-to-use, real-time status of progress claims. Developed specifically around construction needs, it works by allowing contract parties to collaborate on a neutral platform, eliminating the need for endless spreadsheet reconciliations, email trails and heated phone calls..


Real Imaging is developing a comprehensive imaging solution for risk assessment of breast cancer which is  patient-friendly. Real imaging's MIRA™ technology will be suitable for women with dense breast tissue as it can guide the woman for further metabolic imaging exam. We are open to new investment proposals from bright innovative entrepreneurs. Please feel free to get in touch with us, and we will be interested in hearing your ideas.